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The New High-Security Sexting App For Discerning Teens

Mar 08, 2013 -- 4:31pm

Let it first be said that Snapchat isn't exactly suffering for its various security-based shortcomings: As of last month, the photo-sharing app that lets users decide how many seconds (up to 10) their "snaps" are visible for was tracking more than 60 million images sent a day.
But there is still — potentially — room to compete against Snapchat, if developers can find a way to model an app after its best qualities while addressing its worst — or at least its most troublesome. That the most famous previous attempt, a near carbon-copy called "Poke," was made by Facebook and still failed to take off is an indicator, though, that the Snapchat formula isn't an easy one to replicate. There would need to be something more.

This is where the creators of iDelete argue their app fits in. It couldn't be clearer that they had Snapchat very much in mind when designing their product: The app's homepage features a slightly dimmer, grungier version of Snapchat's brightly lit, joyful blonde teen girls, almost like the Snapchat girls grew up and one of them dyed her hair brown and they started wearing edgier bracelets. (Also different: The iDelete girls don't have phones with a mirror function on their cameras. They are old-fashioned.)


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