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People You'll Find At Every Wedding

Aug 27, 2014 -- 10:18am


                                                                                                                                                                        (Vesic Photography)


After reading through, I remember some from my wedding.  Check the link out and see if you remember any.  Here is a list of 60 from the Huffington Post


25 Photos Of Animals That Realized They’re At The Vet

Aug 21, 2014 -- 5:26pm


I have two dogs and a cat and it does seem like they have a sixth sense for when it's time to go to the vet.  My black lab get wild and wants to say helllo to everyone and sniff everything.  Number 6 and 19 have to be my favorite.


Check out the photo gallery here.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

Aug 21, 2014 -- 11:23am

As popular as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge is currently, watching people screw it up may be even more popular. Videos of people's disastrous attempts to complete the ice bucket challenge are proving massive viral hits online.

Some of the more popular mishaps include one volunteer whose younger brother slips and pours the water on himself; a young woman who runs from the camera in embarrassment after accidentally losing her bikini top while completing the challenge; still another woman slips and falls while trying to complete the challenge in her bathtub. 

Check our this compilation.


VIDEO: The Worst Back To School Commercial Ever!

Aug 19, 2014 -- 11:38am


This goes beyond bad! I know where to get my boots and pants along with a haircut!



Top 20 Shoplifted Items

Aug 14, 2014 -- 10:31am

96 percent of retailers surveyed by the National Retail Federation have been a victim of organized retail crime, or shoplifting with the intent of selling the stolen goods. Thieves embarking on this type of shoplifting typically sell the stolen goods on street corners, flea markets or pawn shops. In a particularly brazen move, they may also return the stolen goods to the store for a fraudulent refund. Here are the top 20 most shoplifted items:

1.     Diabetic testing strips

2.     High-end liquor

3.     Laptop computers/tablets

4.     Cigarettes

5.     Infant formula

6.     Denim jeans

7.     Digital cameras

8.     Allergy medicine

9.     Designer clothing

10.   Handbags

11.   Lotions and creams

12.   Cell phones

13.   LCD televisions and monitors

14.   Kitchen Aid mixers

15.   Pregnancy tests

16.   Pain relievers

17.   High-end vacuum cleaners

18.   Energy drinks

19.   Weight loss pills

20.   Electric toothbrushes and replacement heads

Video: The Magic Of Studio Engineers

Aug 12, 2014 -- 11:49am

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