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Mar 05, 2013 -- 10:52am

Statement walls are in. But they're no longer limited to just painting one wall a bold color: Statement walls are now going bigger and bolder with texture, patterned wallpaper or collections of art.
While statement walls have been around for quite a while, said designer Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in Northern California, “we have found more elements to support it and have gotten more creative in how to achieve it.”

Make the Statement
You can create a statement wall around anything. Kelly advises finding a focal point beyond your TV -- maybe the wall behind your bed in the master bedroom, as shown above in a room designed by Eric Ross Interiors, or the wall that the stove sits against in the kitchen.
A statement wall, whether it’s painted or wallpapered, is a great way to draw attention to something in your home, architecturally or otherwise.
“We have also painted the interiors of bookcases for a bit more of an unexpected statement look. Graphic bold wallpapers can be used in the same way, too,” Kelly said.
If you do end up painting a statement wall, the paint may not be enough. Try using the painted wall as a backdrop for a piece of art, framed fabric or sculpture, as designer Ross did in the photo above.

Wallpaper Is In
Wallpaper is back in a big way, especially in bold colors and patterns. If you’re nervous about wallpapering an entire room, try it in a smaller section.
“To get full impact, use a large format or graphic print on a wall, inside bookcases, or on a large piece of furniture,” said Kelly.

Think Outside the Box
Seagrass wallpaper, a wall of stacked stone, antique mirrors, rough-hewn brick, reclaimed wood and leather-faced tiles are just a few of the different ways to achieve a statement wall, says Kelly.
You can also create a statement wall with art, whether it’s a one large piece, or a cohesive collection of framed art.
A statement wall in this home is created with mirrors with the same color frame.
Want to try out a statement wall in your home? Start with paint or wallpaper or piece of art. It’s affordable, and installing it in your home can be achieved just over a weekend.
Specialty wall coverings can be a bit pricier. Product and labor all together can range from the low hundreds to thousands.


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