Rome hosts visit from the DCA

August 15, 2014--1:19 p.m.

By David Crowder

Representatives from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs were in Rome Friday to get a first-hand look at some of the downtown projects they have helped to fund.

They toured the Hawthorne Suites, Harvest Moon Café and other sites.

DCA Commissioner Gretchen Corbin said, “We’re incredibly proud to come back into a community and see how a community has wisely used the partnership of state and local funds and private investment to create and refacilitate some incredible investments. We’ve seen hotels, we’ve seen affordable housing, we are obviously seeing downtown retail, and it’s absolutely always impressive how Rome and Floyd County partners to provide for such great investments in the community.”

Corbin also spoke on the importance of private investment, adding government money can be used for gap financing “So there’s always got to be a private investor who is willing and ready to invest in a project, invest their money and invest in their time. Then if there if gap financing needed, that’s where the state come in with the Downtown Revolving Loan Fund, with the State Small Businesses Credit Initiative, with gap financing to make sure the investment takes place.”

Over the years, the DCA had provided 3.5-million dollars in loans for downtown Rome.