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Sammy Rich Approved as Rome City Manager by 7-1 Vote

02/24/14 10:30 p.m.

By: Kevin Karel (WRGA News)

The vote to officially name Assistant City Manager Sammy Rich as John Bennett’s replacement was considered a formality. While the outcome was expected perhaps the lack of a unanimous front was not.

Calling the process a “shortcut” Commissioner Wendy Davis made clear her no vote in the 7-1 tally in favor was not a reflection on Rich’s abilities but rather illustrated her opposition to a lack of other candidates being considered for the job. She said the Commission had “no interest” in an open search.

Rich says he had hoped the vote to make him City Manager would be unanimous;

“Well you know I really always envisioned a unanimous vote would be the only way you would want to take one of these jobs and so I guess saying that it is a little…it is disappointing but you know the reality is that it is what it is and I don’t think it will be a detriment moving forward and working with the entire team.”

Rome Mayor Jamie Doss said he has no regrets about Rich being the only candidate considered for the position;

“I have no reservations about the process and the steps this City Commission has taken because if we went outside the city it would have been a long arduous process and I believe at the end of the day we would’ve come back and picked the same man.”

Rich will receive a base salary of $128,000 with an additional 10% of his annual income being deferred to a retirement package.

Bennett closed the Commission meeting Monday by saying he thought Rich was a good choice to lead Rome and called him an excellent employee.


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