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Photoshopping your way to the top

Feb 11, 2013 -- 9:24am

Young woman who photo-shopped her way into Silicon Valley elite: How she fooled industry into believing she was top investor by inserting herself into images of stars

A wannabe Silicon Valley socialite and businesswoman hoodwinked her way into the upper echelons of the tech elite by photo-shopping herself into pictures with celebrities and making up job titles that she never held.
Shirley Hornstein, who describes herself as an 'Angel Investor and (dare I say) Entrepreneur' posted doctored pictures of herself with Justin Timberlake and comedian Andy Samberg, claiming to have met them at parties across San Francisco.
So successful was her self promotion and name dropping, that Hornstein even managed to score herself a top-40 placing on a list of the most influential women investing in technology in Silicon Valley, which was republished in Forbes.


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