30 Kinds of People We Just Can't Stop Judging

Feb 05, 2013 -- 11:51am

30 Kinds of People We Just Can't Stop Judging thefrisky.com

1.People who smoke. It's 2013, not 1950. We know too much about the health consequences of this nasty habit to keep thinking it's a good idea. Or an acceptable behavior around others who might not want to be subjected to secondhand smoke.

2.People who drink lots of soda. Don't they know it's filled with high fructose corn syrup and chemicals that are rotting them from the inside out?

3.People who perpetually eat junk food. See #2.

4.People who have "too many kids." Seriously, are they trying to be the next Duggars or what?

5.People who own guns.

6.Women who wear tons of perfume/layers of makeup. What are they hiding under there?!

7.Women who have overly long, painted fingernails -- particularly with nail art. Aren't there less icky ways of expressing yourself?

8.Men with even slightly long fingernails and/or toenails. Eww, ever hear of personal hygiene?

9.People who use poor grammar/spelling in an obviously lazy way. Failing to show you have a grasp on the English language is sure to do the opposite of impress.

10.People who update their Facebook status constantly. Way to be totally self-obsessed!

11.People who spend copious amounts of time and energy writing novel-long, judgmental comments on blogs. Can't help but conjure up this hilarious SNL skit.

12.People who carry an ill-fitting, unkempt smartphone case. Kiiiinda screams "slob."

13.People who keep a really messy (which, admittedly, is totally relative) home. Kiiinda screams "hoarder."

14.People who are obese or have obese children. Sad one, but oh so true.

15.People who won't recycle, even when it's really easy to. Globe-killing litter bugs!

16.Restaurant-goers who say "let me get ..." or "gimme the ..." as opposed to "I would like ..." or "may I have ..." Have some manners!

17.Self-righteous people who refuse to believe scientific evidence that contradicts what their faith tells them to believe.

18.People who refuse to give up their seat for a pregnant woman on public transportation. Self-centered jerks!

19.Public transportation users who lean on/"hump" the pole on the subway. So other people can't use it to hold on. Self-centered jerks!

20.Republican, aka "conservative," FOX News-loving voters. (Applicable only to those who vote Democrat.) What are they thinking?!

21.Democrat, aka "liberal," hippie voters. (Applicable only to those who vote Republican.) What are they thinking?!

22.Gym-goers who don't to wipe down exercise machines after use. Gross.

23.People who don't wash their hands in a public restroom. Shudder.

24.Public transit users who sit on the outside seat ... and then act incredulous that they have to move when you ask to sit down.

25.People who swear/curse profusely. Especially in front of kids.

26.Anyone with a persistent, heavy, rattling sniff in a movie theater or other public place. Get a tissue!

27.Vacationers who vacation only at Disney World. Helllooo, haven't these people ever considered broadening their horizons?

28.People who can't stop driving and texting or walking and texting or movie-watching and texting, etc. Cut it out!

29.People who neglect to hold the door for anyone (especially women/children). Have a little human decency, whydontcha?

30.People who refuse to thank someone who holds the door for them. Common courtesy must be completely dead.


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