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London's Most Astounding Men's Fashion Show Outfits

Jan 09, 2013 -- 9:57am

These are some looks from the Sibling fashion show from London Men's Fashion Week.



Isn't the sentiment of that top just PERFECT for the absurdity of the outfit? Would you not feel that way if you were seen so ridiculously attired? It's just brilliant.
Also: say goodbye to oven mits! This look is your one stop shop for not burning your hands on anything.




BONUS: you can leave your murse at home because that scarf does seem to come with giant tote bag-sized pockets.





Sibling also offered options for those days you're feeling a little sexy.





And prints for days when you want to get extra funky.


The trend of cut-outs also did not go ignored.





Usually when people wear leopard print it overwhelms everything else they're wearing, but that is not so here.






And the designer was even kind enough to make a jumpsuit for J. Lo's boyfriend!






The show ended on a dark note that prompted deep thought.





See the complete fall 2013 Sibling show here. &


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