Your Feet Reveal Your Personality

Feb 18, 2014 -- 8:39pm

Did you know that the features of your feet reveal things about yourself? Dr. Nancy Sax says so and here's what she has to say:

If your second toe is larger than the others
You are dependable, conservative and you keep your emotions in check. You do well in the fields of medicine, banking and science. You're a good provider but don't expect any fireworks.

If you have a big third toe
Hot headed, unpredictable, and a temper that can go off at any time.

If you have a big baby toe
You're an eternal kid, always joyful and easy going.

If you have long toes
You are the thinkers of the world. Authors, philosophers and great world leaders have long toes.

If you have little toes
Timid yet not one to be backed against the wall. You can push it, but don't push it too far.

If you have wide feet
These are the hard workers of America with strong family values and ties to the church and community.

If you have narrow feet
Shy, quiet type who doesn't like to draw attention to themselves.

If you have webbed toes
You're a freak, not really. These people are the life of the party and make great salesman and entertainers. 

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