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Nibbles & Bits with Jim & Julie

Sep 25, 2014 -- 7:31pm

- Business Insider claims the iPhone 6 Plus contains $242 worth of parts and costs $749 for a 16GB model

- claims Jeremy Renner has secretly married his girlfriend Sonni Pacheco

- The latest Hermès Birkin bag is selling for $185,000. It features Himalayan Nilo Crocodile skin, 18k white gold hardware and 242 diamonds

- claims Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson are going to have roles in Ted 2.

- Rosie O'Donnell doesn't agree with America's airstrikes in Syria. She told The View's audience: “Even though it doesn't say it on the news, we went to war yesterday in America against another country in the Middle East. And to me, no matter what, that's wrong. Because you don't fight violence with violence.”

- The Daily Mail claims Bill Clinton was chatting with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos when he referred to Chelsea's baby as 'my grandson'

- The Daily Mirror claims Amal Alamuddin may wear a Stella McCartney wedding dress when she marries George Clooney

- Dr. Guinter Kahn, one of the inventors of Rogaine, has died at the age of 80. His health had been declining since a stroke in 2006

- Toys R Us is hiring 45,000 seasonal workers for the holidays

- Cedar's brands is selling Pumpkin Spice Hummus for Halloween

- Olive Garden is bringing back its all-you-can-eat Never Ending Pasta Bowl deal for $9.99. It includes unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks

- Some people are upset with President Obama for giving two Marines a "latte salute" after deplaning in New York yesterday. He was holding a hot cup of liquid when he saluted the soldiers.

- 1.6 million people watched “The Meredith Vieira Show” during its first week. It's the third-biggest daytime talk show opening in the past four years


Top Time Saving Tips for the Ladies

Sep 25, 2014 -- 7:28pm

HealthyWomen's top 10 time-saving tips:

1. Make Fridays leftover night.
Clean out the fridge and save time and money.

2. When you're watching TV.
use the commercial breaks to sort laundry, start the washer, vacuum a room, unload the dishwasher or clean off the kitchen counter.

3. Sign up for free automatic bill-paying services.
Do this for all recurring bills such as utility bills and the mortgage. Then set up an online bank account for free, one-click payment of all other bills. This not only saves time, but also postage and gas.

4. Combine as many errands as you can into one outing.
Group them by location and reducing travel time.

5. Ask for help!
Keep a list of your errands and delegate to your spouse, relative or friend if one of them is headed to the same place.

6. Ride your bike.
Or walk or run to run local errands, eliminating the need to take time to exercise later.

7. Set a schedule and establish boundaries throughout the day.
for example, at the beginning of each conversation, tell others how much time you have available. It's as easy as saying, "I'm glad you called, but I've only got about 10 minutes to chat..."

8. Make e-mail more efficient.
Unsubscribe from all the junk e-mails so the only ones that appear in your inbox are the ones you want.

9. Take public transportation to work.
And use that time to read, update your to-do list or answer personal e-mails.

10. Set your clothes out the night before.
Women who don't can waste time trying on different outfits or having to iron at the busiest time of the day.

8 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

Sep 17, 2014 -- 9:58am

Almost everyone has the dream of a love that lasts a lifetime. And while it's not the impossible dream, it does take more than white lace and promises to turn it into a reality. Married psychiatrists Philip Lee and Diane Rudolph of New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center offer eight tips on how to keep the flame burning -- even after decades together.

1. Be diplomatic.
Instead of screaming and throwing a tantrum about the things that make you upset, praise your partner for doing the things that are helpful to you.

2. Give your partner space.
Give yourselves a chance to unwind before tackling the evening's chores. You both need some transition time after work, and once you've had that time you will both be much better listeners and probably more willing to cooperate with each other.

3. Remember the good old days.
Almost everyone remembers the "early days" of the relationship as more fun than the present. It's probably because you weren't arguing about how to get to the restaurant, where to sit or how much to drink.

4. Be polite.
Try being polite for a week. There's no shame in saying "Thanks for picking up the kids" or "Great looking dinner! Can't wait to try that chicken." While it may seem silly to talk that way to your partner, just remember you would do the same for a business partner, employee or your child.

5. Break the cycle of arguments.
You don't have to voice your displeasure about everything. Rather than "expressing yourself" in a negative way, break the cycle of blame and recrimination by treating your spouse more like a friend or co-worker. You wouldn't argue with your coworker about mundane details because you want to have a civil relationship with this person.

6. Never say never.
Don't begin sentences with "You never..." As in: "You never clean up after..." or "You never take my feelings into account..." or "You never think of anyone but yourself..." This places your spouse on the defensive and accomplishes nothing. It is a losing start. Try this instead: "You know what would be really great?" or "It would really help me if you could..."

7. Say "thank you."
Show your appreciation for all the things that your partner does no matter how small or how you may really feel. Something as simple as a "thank you" can make a dramatic difference in your relationship in a matter of weeks.

8. Just listen.
Try just listening to your partner without offering suggestions, criticism or a solution to his/her problems. Most of the time your spouse just wants you to listen and calmly empathize without saying any more. Even if it seems pointless to you, that's often all that the person needs.

Worst Songs Ever Vol. 1

Sep 09, 2014 -- 6:03pm

13 Ways to be Nicer

Sep 09, 2014 -- 2:21pm

Even when you really don't feel like it. If the foot shaking under the table doesn't give you away, then the gum snapping certainly does: You're anxious. And however you cope with your anxiety -- or don't -- recent research reveals an all-natural fix: Being nice. Turns out that good deeds, or kind acts, can make socially anxious people feel a whole lot better. For four weeks, University of British Columbia researchers assigned people with high levels of anxiety to do kind acts for other people at least six times a week. The acts of kindness included things like holding the door open for someone, doing chores for other people, donating to charity, and buying lunch for a friend, says study author Lynn Alden, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. The researchers found that doing nice things for people led to a significant increase in people's positive moods. It also led to an increase in relationship satisfaction and a decrease in social avoidance. "People who engage in kind acts become happier over time," says Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, a professor at the University of California, Riverside. Why? "When you're kind to others, you feel good as a person -- more moral, optimistic, and positive," she says. So whether you suffer from anxiety, or just need a way to boost your mood, here are 13 everyday ways to do something nice for someone -- and make yourself feel better in the process:

  1. Buy a co-worker her favorite Starbucks frap next time you stop for morning coffee.
  2. When you're driving, let someone merge into your lane.
  3. Offer to stay late and help cleanup at your friend's party.
  4. Smile and make eye contact with people in the grocery store.
  5. Pay the toll for the person in the car behind you.
  6. Baby-sit for your neighbor's kids while she takes a nap.
  7. Make small talk with the cashier at your dry cleaner.
  8. Let someone go ahead of you in line at the movies.
  9. Visit family members you haven't seen in awhile.
  10. Volunteer to run an errand for a busy co-worker.
  11. Drive a friend to the airport.
  12. Give a genuine compliment to someone.
  13. Over-tip your waiter.

What Your Favorite Snack Reveals About You

Jul 20, 2014 -- 2:49pm

Your Favorite Snacks Can Reveal A Lot

The snack food you crave can tell the world all about you. Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago spent eight years studying 800 volunteers. And he discovered a revealing link between food preferences and personality traits in his test subjects. Take a look at this mouth-watering selection of goodies and choose the one that makes your tummy tingle.

You're a live wire who's bursting with energy and always ready to party with your pals. You're also a ball of fire at work, juggling a variety of tasks effortlessly. Sometimes your family and friends may have a tough time keeping up with you.

Potato chips
You are an aggressive and opinionated person who seldom takes no for an answer. Being so tenacious can make you a bit of a pain in the neck to pals and loved ones. But you can also be counted on to see projects through to the end.

Beef jerky
You are a gregarious person who never met a stranger. Your outgoing personality assures you a large circle of buddies who never consider an outing without you in tow. Your people skills also help you achieve your goals on the job.

Cheese Curls
You're a straight shooter with high morals. You believe honesty in relationships is a must, and you won't waste time on people who play fast and loose with the truth. Friends experiencing a crisis of conscience turn to you for counsel.

Tortilla Chips
You're obsessed with perfection in every aspect of your life. This makes you a super achiever, but you may have difficulty relating to others because they don't always meet your high standards. You'll be happier if you learn to be flexible. 

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